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  1. Going back to 1967 with Joe Jim plus our other regulars
    Of course Maurice & Billy Reidy father and son
    Good old days with Mr Barber you will see his photo, and of course Terri O’Sullivan of Dubliners Diary, the Irish Press fame
    The good old days

  2. Wonderful old style pub for an older crowd. The guinness is poured like a work of art and definitely best pint in town. So much nicer than Temple bar around the corner and one of the best nights of my trip to Dublin. A total gem.

  3. We will be visiting Ireland for the very first time – arriving June 21 from canada. Just doing some Research about our trip, and decided to throw in our last name…. MULLIGAN!!! We will be very sure to come by to Enjoy a drink and take a few photos of ourselves with the family name!! See you soon!

  4. My sons Sean and Eric joined me for a father/son pilgrimage to Ireland in early June of 2018. we started in Galway, made our way to County Donegal and then finished our trip in Dublin. One of the first stops we made upon arriving in Dublin was mulligan’s. What a wise choice we made!!! Noel was a fabulous host and bartender. and we met Aidan who was a regular and told us of the Texan they keep in the grandfather clock. The “twins” who work with noel behind the bar were a hoot as well.

    We came back the second evening for more Guinness and conversation. That is when we met Richard and Matt. These two regulars were a bit more lively than Aidan and also had wonderful stories of their lives and fun times at the pub. Richard was NOT a fan of President Trump but Sean (U.S. presidential history professor) who teaches at Texas Tech University had a very cordial conversation with richard which was fun and informative.

    DO NOT miss Mulligan’s on your next trip to Dublin and please tell noel, Aidan, richard and matt we all said “HI”.

    Kirk Cunningham
    Lubbock, Texas

    1. Visited on Sunday afternoon with Jim Cassidy’s daughters, our DNA-cousins. What a hoot!
      Watched Limerick beat Cork on TV, too.

  5. This was my first time at Mulligans, its a bit off the main stretch, but only by about 5 minutes; worth the walk. So when I went there, it was my last night in dublin, so of course it was pissing down rain, that being said, following the advice of a fellow traveler, i pushed forward and eventually found this pub.

    soaked to the bone, i walked in to find a dark wood bar with tables, and large barrels lining the wall with damp and drinking characters sitting and minding their own with friends. after about 3 or 4 minutes (enough time to wring out my hair and jacket), a man approaches from behind the wood, asking what id like to drink. me being a creature of habit, i of course order a shot of half-decent whiskey to warm the blood, and a pint of guinness, because hell, were in dublin. after about 2 minutes i received both my shot and my properly poured pint of guinness (emphasis on properly poured, they know their guinness) which cost about 8 or 9 euro, and went to find my seat. the first room you see is a long hallway type space, walking down it and hanging right you walk into a large hall area with a fireplace (unlit at the time) and many tables with a bar which joins with with hallway entrance bar.

    finishing my pint, i strike up a conversation with the barman about the local whiskeys they have. dude was pretty cool, sharing his personal opinions and a few stories/experiences he had had with them, but most importantly happily letting me smell them. eventually, i settled on “yellow spot 12 year irish pot still whiskey” which i sipped on aside my pint of ever-present guinness. for the most part i spent my night chatting with the barman on the one side, however, from time to time, the manager would pop by crack a joke or two, then go about his business.

    don’t come to this bar for tV’s, music (radio), and distractions, this bar is meant to spend some time in, and enjoyed in an old school way which is charming, and approachable; a bit out of the way, you lose a lot of the tourist flood found in temple bar, but are close enough to the strip to not feel lost. pop in for a pint, judge it for yourself, but be sure to order a pint of dublin’s finest.

  6. was in Mulligan’s twice on my trip to ireland last year and absolutely loved it. perfect pint of guinness. can’t wait to return.

  7. Mulligan’s is certainly the best local pub adjacent to my place of employment, with the best pint of guinness.

    I will miss having a pint after work on a friday evening, when we move to Miesian Plaza on Lower Baggot Street later this year.

    I will also miss the banter with Noel and Christy, but I can always make the odd guest appearance, all the way from lower baggot Street.

  8. Friday lunch – i just served tow pints of Guinness… plus a half pint for free as a customer changed his mind and the lovely barman gave it to me 😉

    I also had the honor to greet one of the regulars (see above picture) while he was serving his pint reading also a newspaper.
    Super relaxed and happy atmosphere.
    Guinness was the best I could ever served as the Gunness guyspaid a visit to the pub to clean all pipes and stuff( they to it very regularly in Mulligan’s) .

    So if you want the best guinness pint mulligan’s is the place.

    A word of advice though: If you somehow end up there when GAA final takes place then you might get a very crowdy and happy athmosphere as that place will pe super over packed with people 😉

    I’ll be back to mulligan’s !

  9. Cut my teeth in Mulligans back in 1961……a great place to relax and enjoy the best of all Dublin pints and a read of the newspaper in the daytime…..and have a lively evening’s get together with friends over a few more pints of plain.

    Love the pub and always drop in for one before heading for the airport and back to where I now call home.

    BTW: back in the 60’s we could draw the key for the padlock and chain that secured the back room…..and that’s where we had our singsongs…..So if anyone says no singing EVER in Mulligan’s ….ask Con if he’s still with us….many’s a time he issued us with the key to the ‘SINGING ROOM’ …….

  10. First visitedi in 1978 while working in Dublin.Without doubt the best pint of plain anywhere.
    Never change the interior.Never change anything.Thanking you

  11. Stopped in while we were in Dublin on Sept. 10 and had a wonderful time. Great atmosphere and friendly service and of course excellent drink! Greetings from Southern California!

  12. As I told yesterday evening to the great barman, Guinness in Mulligan’s is like a poetry.
    I’d really love having a place like that beneath my home. But in some way it is, even if I live 1500 chilometers far from there.

  13. Usually my first place to go when I’m in Dublin. Very special atmosphere but don’t ask me what it makes it. It’s simply present. Must be history. Nice staff and folks all around and the very best guinness you can get. and i got a few. in several pubs and countries. Greetings to my man Richard. Pleasure to meet you! Looking forward to my next visit.
    Stay well and safe everybody. Have a lovely xmas and a happy and healthy new year!
    Best regards from Cologne, Dieter

  14. Happy birthday today to Luke Kelly. Gone Too soon. Here’s a link to a video documenting the 1973 Dublin Production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Includes lots of interviews and clips of rehearsals — Video includes Mr. Kelly as King Herod. Colm Wilkinson as Judas, and Tony Kelly as Jesus. http://bit.ly/1MzW7aW

  15. ,My great great grandfathers both born Ireland , Mcollom in county Antrim and Mulligan Dublin. Some how Their families landed here in Canada. my Brother and I both someday wish to taste your great brew and beautiful country of our roots.

  16. Can’t wait until they get the Liffey rerouted so this pub can be on the Northside where it belongs! Best pub in Ireland! Only problem, it’s on the Southside.

  17. My wife and I visited Ireland in Sept of 2012. Mulligans was the first Pub we went to after arriving. Christie waited on us and we enjoyed our 1St Pint ever. It was great and we enjoyed every minute of our time at Mulligans.

  18. Best pub in Dublin. Whenever I am in town I stop at Mulligans for true old Irsh Pub experience. Best pint in Dublin.

  19. Greetings from across the pond (Madison, Wisconsin). I’ve been to Ireland a couple of times in the past, and I always plan my trip around drinking Guinness and Powers at your pub. Mulligans is my Mecca, and I’m making another pilgrimage. This time I am dragging my girlfriend along. The first and only reason is to drink at your pub. To be more specific, we plan on drinking ourselves to death at your pub. The only problem is that we can’t afford it. We can afford a few drinks, but not enough to properly kill ourselves, which as I mentioned earlier, is our goal.

    So I’m writing to ask for help (is assisted suicide illegal on your island, if so I’m sure you can maintain plausible deniability). What we need is a place to crash, preferably free, and if not, extremely cheap, so as to maximize our drinking budget. Do you have a cot on the premises? Or perhaps a spacious closet or storage room? If not, maybe you have an employee that lives within stumbling distance and needs a few quid.

    We are good, trustworthy people. I’ll vouch for that.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. We will arrive on June 26th and leave June 28th.

    Don’t burn the place down before we get there. I will track whoever is responsible to the edge of the earth, then waterboard them with Bud Light.

    Your Friend,

    Kyland Taylor

  20. I used to live in Dublin, and Mulligan’s does the greatest pint of Guinness in Dublin, hence the greatest pint in Ireland, and so the greatest pint of the black stuff in the world. I used to be a serious brewer, and I believe that they have their own special recipe – the complexity and depth is unrivalled, I swear I could even taste a touch of oats and rye in it. I have directed many a person from Britain to your pub. So, it is with great sadness that I have to show myself as the pedantic, griping Yorkshireman I really am and point out that your understanding of apostrophes is not so good – you should say that “Mulligan’s is known for the quality of its Guinness”. There, I’ve said it, and I feel better already.

  21. We will be travelling to Dublin in May 2015 and being “Mulligans” would love to come home with t-shirts from Mulligan’s Pub! Do you sell them? We would also like to connect with some other Mulligans while visiting?

  22. This was our first night in Ireland; at the advice of our hotel concierge we enjoyed dinner at Mulligan’s. What a treat! The evening was particularly awesome because of our waiter/service. Paul was excellent! He was friendly without being overbearing; he was most familiar with the menu and was not afraid to make dining recommendations; and he was an overall nice guy. I just wish we were in Dublin longer so we could spend another night at Mulligan’s. Thank you, Paul, for a great evening!

  23. After many years deliberating , suggesting and contemplating , we are coming over to Mulligans on Jan 10th 2014 to deliberate no more . To suggest and contemplate no more but to finally enjoy .

  24. I am an American cousin of the Cusacks, who visited and was made me feel at home as 15 -year old (33 long years ago). In case someone who dates back that far is reading, im Andrew Smith’s daughter Susan’s grandson

    My two friends who joined me–just teens like me– understood what made Mulligan’s special. As one of them said, “what a wonderful room to sit in.”. Is there a better compliment that cold be paid a pub?

  25. Had Guinness at Mulligans on our regurlarly monthly trip. It was sour & told the barman. After some discussion it was replaced but done with such bad grace that we left. We went for some excellent Guinness in Kennedys and O’Reillys round the corner. In my 30 years living in Ireland; I have never known bar staff so unwilling to replace a dodgy pint. Perhaps they thought we were tourists. s. TOURISTS BEWARE!

  26. One of the more beautiful pub I’ve never seen. The Guinnes is the better in Dublin, the atmosphere is really good and the staff pleasant.

  27. My sister, brother & I arrive in Dublin on October 8 this year & plan to hasten to our namesake pub for a bit of freshment. Looking forward to seeing you!

  28. I knew “Mr Barber” featured in the photo Computers how are ye. He myself and Terry O’Sullivan (Dubliners Diary ) spent many an hour past closing behind the barrel before Terry would go upstairs to work at the “Press” Remember the “Holy Hour” when the serious drinking was done. If anyone is interested let me know. Terry and Hal Roach were at my wedding. Good days with fond memories. Never to be forgotten!

  29. Hello,bonjour,it’s possible to meat (pubgrub) in your nice pub? Thank you for the reply.Kind regards.Marie-France

  30. I loved Mulligan’s. Had a ball. Don’t have many pubs like this anymore. A pure gem.

    Thank you for the wonderful service too.
    Lovely old gent too.

  31. would love to go to dublin to visit this pub as my cousins and dad has been im sure il visit once i get the money together ps my last name is really mulligan

  32. ….A trip home is not complete without a Saturday afternoon meeting friends adn family in our ‘usual’ spot. Always try to get a couple of ‘6 nations’ games at the same time. THE BEST Guinness in the world. Great staff – genuine Dublin Characters. Love it. Slainte.

  33. ….A trip home is not complete without a Saturday afternoon meeting friends adn family in our ‘usual’ spot. Always try to get a couple of ‘6 nations’ games at the same time. THE BEST Guinness in the world. Great staff – genuine Dublin Characters. Love it. Slainte.

  34. This is a lovely pub. My grandad worked as a barman there in the 60’s and 70’s.
    It feels like a proper Dublin pub unchanged by time, good for a chat,

  35. nice website and nice pub
    drunk myself a few pints there
    nice atmosphere

    all the best!

    1. Hi,great pub and atmosphere.A true Dublin Pub.Lovely pint.This pub was also used for some scenes in the film My Left Foot,Directed by jim Sheridan and starring daniel day lewis,brenda fricker and ray macAnally!Get the till anyone?!

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